Animal Crackers

Animal Crackers

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

DNR TBM DLK 16, 1987

41° 21.986 W 085° 03.288

This benchmark and waymark is near the Dekalb County Courthouse. Kinda neat. It's not the normal disc benchmark and it is by the IDNR instead of the usual groups that do benchmarks. The other neat thing it that we only had a description of the location instead of the coordinates. Makes for a different hunt. Changing up the game is getting more important to us. We are not the top finders but we have been around long enough that some elements of the hunt is getting too familar. Notghing wrong with that but just needs to be spiced up and changed around to keep interest.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Dr. Who

One of my most favorite b grade sci fi shows is Dr. Who. The best Dr has to be Tom Baker. His best companions has to be K-9 and Sarah Jane. My favorite episode is the seeds of doom or the brain of Morbius. Enjoy the video.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Fortune Cookie

My Fortune Cookie told me:
You could consider that it is too late to write to the government about your grandfather's threshing machine.
Get a cookie from Miss Fortune

Harry Potter Spoiler

I love the series but due to the hyp and fear of spoilers this is funny.

My Harry Potter Spoiler of Doom is:
Moaning Myrtle is worshipped as the second coming of Christ because J K Rowling got bored
Get your Harry Potter Spoiler of Doom

My Title

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Reverend Earl Captain Spaulding the Flavoursome of Herring-le-hole
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title

WAymarking is like eating chips

I have noticed that if I submitt one waymark, I am going to submit a bunch of waymarks. It is either that I go out and find several new locations or I come across a category that fits a bunch of waymarks I have already submitted. I felt wierd and a little dishonest when I started double submitting some locations. Felt a little like cheating or numbers running. Now i look at it more like cross indexing a location. There are at least two locations that I know that are benchmarks, courthouses and on the National Historic Registry. If someone is interested in only one of these categories and I don't list it there then they c ould miss out. It just amazes me how much easier it gets to find waymarks to post. Granted, there are more and more categories and I am getting into the mindset of looking more but it seams like the more I post waymarks, the further away I get from saturating the area.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Waymarking Category for Blogs

I got finished submitting some waymarks for my wife's and I's team account when I decided to look at the different waymarking categories. When I saw a category for blogs, at first I did not think much of it but then I got to thinking that it might be interesting to see how other people who share this hobby do their blogs. It did not take me long to see my initial react was too quick. I like the idea and will be surfing through the category and the blogs as I get time. Might be a neat windeter project or during some down time when going out caching or waymarking is just not going to happen. I hate saying that but sometimes life interferes and I can't go play or else another fun comes along. Anyway, I did add my blog to the category and have hooked on the category. I will be lokking into them more.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Where's this blog going?

I don't know. I started this blog because my wife Kim started a blog. I have gotten into the habit of posting here so now what. I have started to put labels on the posts to help see the content. So far this has been an experiment in cyber publishing and learning html coding for me. It probably shows. I am going to continue to post and hopefully it will get better as I go along. If not, I will still be learning how to tinker with blog and learn how to manipulate a cache page as far as it will let me.

LaOtto Firemen's Corn Roast

My wife and I went went to a corn roast yesterday at the LaOtto Firehouse yesterday. Yum! It was a pulled pork sandwich, potato salad, and all you can eat fresh sweet corn and watermelon. The corn was fresh picked that day. The corn alone was worth the price of admission. Nothing like getting stuff fresh from the field. The best thing to me was that it was a fund raiser for the volunteer firefighters. They really deserve our support. Not that I am against paying fire fighters but I appreciate people who willl just stand up and do. Most small towns and villages can not afford paid fire fighters. The tax base is just not there but the need is certainly there. I think it is great that people will volunteer for this job and thecommunity will do the fundraisers to get the material things they need to do their job. The great thing is that it is done largely off the taxes. Taxes should be done when there is no other way of handling a community need or want. There are alot o f ways of making things happen without taxing the community for it. People are generous and willing to give for a good cause. Seldom does anyone like having it taken from them even if they are for the project. taxes always feels like money taken from me. i guess it is the small government belief in me. People get things done, no governments/

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Soldiers and Sailors Monument

This is a waymark write up on the monument we were at last weekend.

N 39° 46.111 W 086° 09.483

This monument is large. City-block large. It occupies the entire center of a fairly decent-sized roundabout. Fountains, statues, the Colonel Eli Lilly Civil War Museum (since 1999) (closed when I visited) - all in a 342 foot diamater circular plaza.

The Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument is built of Indiana Oolitic limestone from Terre Haute Stone Company quarries at Stinesville, IN. Its total height is 284 ft. 6 in. (15 ft. shorter than the Statue of Liberty). 32 flights of stairs with 330 steps lead to the observation deck. An elevator was installed and began carrying the public to the top in April 1894. The museum is in the basement of the monument, and tells the story of the Civil War, including that of the 1st German regiment (32nd Volunteer Infantry). There is also a glassed-in observation area near the top of the monument, and an elevator to get you there, should you visit when the Civil War exhibit is open.

The monument itself was completed in 1901. It has held up admirably well through time - the carvings and statues are still crisp, clean, and very readable. While it was, in fact, dedicated to all of Indiana's heroes who died in war before 1902, it was "Erected as a memorial to the soldiers and sailors of the War for the Union..." I found the wording of the memorial interesting - I usually don't see the War Between the States / Civil War referred to in that way, but that's exactly what it was for so many people.

It's primarily of German construction, having been designed by Bruno Schmitz, one of Germany's foremost architects of national monuments. The limestone sculptures were designed and created by sculptor Rudolf Schwarz, of Vienna.

The bronzework above the main part of the "base sculptures" is called an "Army Astragal sculpture band". It was designed by Nicolaus Geiger of Berlin, and was manufactured in Berlin along with the eight candelabra around the memorial.

This monument, while primarily dedicated to commemorating the War for the Union, also commemorates the War with Mexico (1846-48), Indian and British Wars (1811-12), War of the Revolution and the capture of Vincennes from the British on February 25, 1779. The wars it commemorates are engraved on two side panels, one on the North side of the monument, with sculptures representing Artillery and Navy, and honoring soldiers of the War with Mexico, Indian & British Wars, Revolutionary War, and Vincennes, and the other, with the Civil War plaque and 2 sculptures representing Infantry and Cavalry, on the South side. The top bronze band of the monument contains two dates - 1861 and 1865, obviously commemorating the start and end dates of the Civil War.

The West side has a large "statuary group" representing "Peace". In the center of the group, Liberty holds the flag, with the angel of peace above, holding the wreath of victory and an olive branch. Soldiers are returning, and a former slave holds up broken chains. In front of, and below, the "Peace" display is a limestone sculpture called "The Return Home".

The east side statuary group represents "War", with a battle scene showing cavalry, charging infantry, and artillery. In the center the goddess of war urges on the charge, while Columbia in the background holds high the Stars and Stripes. Below, and to the front, of the "war" group is again a limestone sculpture, this one called "The Dying Soldier."

The Astragals (there are 3) are, from bottom to top, representing the Army, showing the implements (and carnage) of war; representing the Navy, 12 feet above the Army astragal; and the 3rd, 80 feet above the Navy Astragal.

Topping the monument is a statue of "Victory". She holds a torch in her left hand, a sword with point resting on the globe in her right, and an eagle is perched on her head. The Torch is emblematic to the light of civilization. The young eagle atop her head represents freedom. Her right hand holds a sword, the point rests upon the globe, symbolizing the army to which victory was due. Victory faces south, supposedly to look over the vanquished battlefields of the South.

Monument Circle also is host to 4 bronze statues: Gen. George Rogers Clark, Gov. William Henry Harrison, Gov. James Whitcomb, and Gov. Oliver P. Morton commemorate four historical periods of Indiana development.

George Rogers Clark represents the War of the Revolution and the capture of Vincennes from the British on February 25, 1779. James Whitcomb represents the War with Mexico (1846-48). William H. Harrison represents the Battle of Tippecanoe and Indian and British Wars (1811-12). Governor Morton's statue represents the Civil War for the Union.

Each year, the monument is decorated at Christmas and becomes a giant "Christmas Tree". It is a very festive place year-round, however, and is a significant tourist attraction, landmark, and meeting place in Indianapolis.

Much of the information on this page was found on an IUPUI webpage dedicated to the monument.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Complain, complain, complain

This is just one of those days that I want to complain about everything. It's too dang warm. I have not been sleeping that well because it is too darn warm. I missed doing some easy and on the way waymarks and benchmarks over the weekend and did not realize it until after I got home. I could have caught them If I had only preped na little better. Oh well, there are still waymarks for me to submit and I still need to do pictures for some of the geocoins. Not happy about that either. It's all really nothing. I am too hot and running a little tired. Hopefully the next couple of days will be the last of the serious heat and the weather will be a lot more comfortable . Fall has always been my favorite season. I am really looking forward to it being cooler. It has not helped that this year has not been moderate at all. It's been hot,cold, wet and dry but almost never normal. Time to start doing again. Maybe I will forget that I am grumby and enjoy what I am dong.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Indy Visit Part !!

We saw some neat things when we went down to Indy. The soldiers and sailors monument which is a benchmark. The Boone county courthouse which is a benchmark and on the national historic registry. (Just like the Noble County Courthouse). Went by the Hardrock Cafe in Indy. We also saw the moon tree which was grown from seeds taken to the moon and planted by the state capitol building. I really like seeing that the Boone County Courthouse had the ten commandments out front. Makes me think that there is hope of decency in the world. The best thing was seeing Tina, Tony, Katy, Torry and Paul. It was fun cachin, waymarking and socializing.

Everybody Hurts

One of my favorite songs.

Indy Visit

We had a great time caching, waymarking, benchmark hunting and visiting this past weekend. As team Paws we hit our 400th cache find and will be over 200 waymarks posted as soon as we submit them. I am no where near done the logging or submitting to reflect what we did this weekend. It was great to do a combo of things and still get visiting in. After I get things caught up. I will need to post picture. Later.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Pledge Of Allegiance

This is said so well, I can not add to it.

Potter Pals

This is too weird.


This should never have been done little lone be recorded.

Elvis has left the planet

Can you believe it's true that it has been 30 years since Elvis died. Make me feel old to know that there are college graduates that have been born since them. here's the King on this day.

One Language

This is not going to sit well with some but I firmly believe that a country should have one common language. I am not saying that immigrants can no longer speak their native language but they do need to be able to function in the country they come to. I understand that some businesses will offer service in that language if it is in their business interest but that isn't helping in the long run. There are some things that build a community. Family ties and friendships, common faith, a language, and same traditions and morays. A single language binds people together. Mutliple languages split people and cause strife. Canada has never truly settled their language issues between English and French. I can see the possibilities of the US doing the same about Englishh and Spanish. This is not to put anyone down but only pointing at the need for a common language to do business in.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Fort Wayne Politics

Matt Kelty, a fort Wayne mayoral nominee was charged on 9 campaign finaince charges. I don't know if he is guilty of a crime, guilty of a poor choice in reporting or innocent but the whole thing looks fishy. he was said to be innocent by one person only be be b rought up on 9 charges. It just looks like another case of people eating their leadership. You are truly a leader when people go after you. Sadly, I think that is a law of human behavior. Everyone wants things done their way but they want to change things from the back seat because they don't want to get chewed up by people like they want to do.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


You're Ohio!

Why-o, why-o, why-o are you so bland? Despite being in a fairly
interesting location with a fair amount of potential, most people are struck by how
little about you is noteworthy. Of course you know there's nothing wrong with being
average, and that's where most folks are anyway! You do have a flair for rock-n-roll,
though you mostly prefer the old stuff. You have the unique trait of, at times,
experiencing air as a brown solid. One of your names undoubtedly starts with the
letter C.

Take the State Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid.

The Book quiz

You're I, Robot!

by Isaac Asimov

While you have established a code of conduct for many generations to
follow, your demeanor is rather cold and calculating. Brought up to serve humans, you
have promised never to harm them, to follow orders, and to protect yourself. Living up
to this code has proved challenging and sometimes even drives you mad. If you were a
type of paper, you would be pulp.

Take the Book Quiz
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Nice things about August

i am usally the last person to like August. I am the one who can't stand the heat of summer to break. I do like the sweet taste of the first cool nights in August/September. I just hate the heat that makes it so sweet. The other nice thing about August is the harvest of fresh produce. There is nothing better than a fresh tomatoe to kick up a sandwiche and an ear of fresh sweer corn to kick up your BBQ. Now if we can only have it without the obnoxious heat. I am being typically human and finding something to complain about,

Monday, August 13, 2007

This is good

You will cheat yourself if you don't watch the whole thing.

Pastors and their families

I Timothy 3 verse 4
4He must manage his own family well and see that his children obey him with proper respect.

I think it was very wise for this verse to be in scripture. How anyone runs and treats their family says alot about them. This area is really important for a pastor to get right since he has to deal with people well and also looked to for help. however, I do not want to stop here. This verse should not stand in vacuum. This is aimed at the leaders of the church but I think it is something universally true for all. Church leader or not, christian or not, we need to do the best job with our families we can.

The thing that bugs me though is when well meaning Cristians use this verse as a weapon against the pastor instead as a qualification for a pastor. The pastor and his family live in a glass house and with some good reason. However this can be unfairly hard on the pastor and his family. Every child is going to act up and just be a normal kid who gets into trouble. Leave this normal everyday family alone. If there are some chronic issues, then steps need to be taken. If it just a matter of parenting styles, keep you r trap shut. Some will breast feed their children and some won't and both will stand just as well before God. Parents will have tons of equally valid choices for their children which can have so many different answers. I don't care if it how many kids you have, whether they watch tv or not, go to the movies or anything else activity that affects how children grow up, be informed when you go after the pastor or anyone else on how they raise their children. Ask why they do it before you judge. you may just learn something.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Mixed Emotions

Yesterday was an odd day. It was the first time a cache event was hosted by someone else where we usually held them. It was weird not to be in charge but it was nice to not be responsible and we could leave when it we were done instead of waitng unti everyone was done. Truth to be told talking all afternoon at the events is a hoot. I am glad we are not responsible for them and yet I miss doing them sometimes. It is flattering that the series of events we started has gone on for two years and one year without us. I am not going to miss the politics. I am getting wiser about politics and therefore better but I still can't stomach it. I miss some of the thanks. Regardless of how things went down, it was best for the event series that we walked away but I still detest the way things happen. When two or three people are gathered, there will be politics. The funny thing is, not only the series we started is still going, but there is another series of them that could be argued a child of the ones we started. At least it helped inspire them. We can't take too much credit for them since we are not doing them but the people doing them did like our series.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Avenue Q

The following are two skits by a group by Avenue Q. The titles are "It sucks to be me" and "The internet is for porn". Needless to say, it it not the most appropriate but is funny none the lest.

My wife will kill me

My wife often dislikes the shows I do. This intro is from a show that is from a special level of hell for her. I loved this show as a kid and am going to post it anyway. Just don't look honey.

We Need to Grow up sbout Our Bodies

This issue has a couple of dimensions to it. The most obvious at least to me is the sex dimension. It seams like most people are polarized into one of two camps. Either they look at sex is bad and evil and never to be seen or talked about or the other extreme of wanting an open orgy. I realize that this is more a continuum but it is so easy to push people to either extreme. This is also more than just the discussion and treatment of sex. It also affects how people treat mothers who breast feed in public. It is very difficult to freely feed the child without causing discomfort of the sight of a bare breast. For me at least, I am trying to not react to the sight. My instinct is to either stare or look away. Both seam rude.

There is also a lot of medical conditions that feel just as private as sex or is on the nastier side of life that need to be discussed. I am not going to name them here because they are too many. Even though I do not want to hear all of someone's medical problems or announce mine to the world, there still needs to be a way of having a conversation about the ickier things of life.

The most unfair thing we need to grow up about is how we treat handicapped people or severely injured people. How do you engage them without staring or looking away? We are back to being not used to seeing a mother breast feed but in a more cruel sense.

There has got to be a way to deal with the more sensitive things of like in a mature way. I realize there are a lot of things in life that make us uncomfortable. We need to be better.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


I love this song. It makes me laugh. i am trying to limit how much of utube I put in my blog but let's face it. I enjoy music and music videos. It's going to be a part of my blog. I hope you enjoy the mix of songs I bring and the comments i put in between.

I am a geek.

The space shuttle is taking off at roughly 6:30 this evening. It's a bit past 3:30 and I am watching them prep for take off and putting it into my blog. I should be ashamed at being so nerdy but I am not. I love the space program and always will, I love geocaching and I routinely havemultiple radios with multiple bands buzzing in my ears. I am too far gone for shame on this front.

I am a libertarian ( a;mosr)

When it comes to politica, I am conservative and I am I like the libertarian position for the most part. I believe in having the smallest government possible. Issues should be handled on the lowest possible level. The people involved know the issue and are needed for the solution to work. The only problem with this view is that it only works with a moral people. For a society to function, each person must either practice self restraint or have restraint put upon them from outside. Absolute freedom is an illusion. Even the most free people have curbs put on their behavior. I would rather restrain myself andbe free from the restraint of someone else. Too many people just want what they want and do as please to their own long term pain.

I think I need to come back to this one. There is too much to say on this and none of it is clear for now.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

First Amendment does not equal right to an audience

I heard too many peoplecomplain about their first amendment rights being infringed when they were told not to continue in a certain vain in a certain venue. Crude jokes are not welcome in a church or at a funeral. The only exception is very quietly and with someone you know well. You can't yell fire in a theatre and you just can't sell nude magazines just anywhere/ Adult movies have their own room at the rental store. Even if the message is not objectionable, It does not mean I am going to listen. We all have the right and ability to walk away or turn someone off.

No one binds me to listen to a live speaker. There is an off switch and tuner on the TV and radio and there are plenty of pages of the internet to view. You don't have to read my blog if you don't want. I hope to be entertaining and make some good points but all in all, you can still move on and ignore this blog. I also challenge you to do that to all means of entertainment and media sources. There are so many sources for news and entertainment that it is silly and almost stupid not to take advantage of every source you can. Yes this requires money and you won't be able to necessarily able to afford them all or want to pay for them all but you can get alot for very little money. A radio is cheap. One that is a shortwave is not that much more and can be gotten for about the same money. Newspapers and internet access is free at most libraries anymore.

The freedom of speech at least to me, means the freedom to choose which of the million voices to listen to. Somewhere in there, hopefully, is something worth listening to.

Monday, August 6, 2007


One thing I like hunting for with my gps are benchmarks. One of the ones pictured is a cement monument that marks where Indiana, Michigan and Ohio meet. That's kinda neat. For one thing, it is not the standard disc benchmark and where three states meet are not everywhere. Another benchmark I have run across is the top of a high building. It can be a church spire of the dome of a county courthouse. The dome pictured is that of the Steuben County Courthouse in Angola, Indiana and it is one of this type of benchmarks.
The third picture is of a spike and tag benchmark by the IDNR. It is close to the Dekalb County Courthouse in Auburn, Indiana. Each one was easy to find but offered something unique for the gps hunt. That's why I do the hunt. To see things I would not see otherwise. Kinda simple but not every cacher would agree with me. Thanks goodness the game is big enough for all to play.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Observations from my coordinates.

The following are my observations about caching as found on my caching profile.

1) When a sign says high water across the road, beleive it regardless of the vehicle coming from ahead.
2)Ford Explorers float at least for a short time. (see rule 1)
3) You have not really cached Michigan unless you have been on a two track.
3b) During winter, if even the locals are not using the two track, then you better stay off too.
4) Cold is sitting on a vault toilet in Michigan on Thanksgiving weekend.
6)You might be a cacher if your conversation on how to get somewhere invovles coordinates.
7) You might be a cacher if it has ever taken you 11 hours to drive a trip that normally takes only 5.5 hours.
8) At least for me, caching is about seeing neat places, neat people, and neat things. When that stops, I am ebaying my gpsr.
9) Always follow the trial as far as you can. The shortest way is seldom the best way to get to a cache. It amazes me how often I forget this.
10) If someone in your caching party has a problem with your plan of attack, listen. You may save the running board of your car that way.
11) Take the time to get to know your local dnr and other land managers. No gurantee if it will work out and you never know when you will be included in an INDNR program and get to feed an owl in the wild. That is worth more than any smiley that I could ever log.
12) It's the character of a cacher and not the find count that inpresses me most about someone.
13) No matter where you go or what you do, you run the risk of encountering a jerk. Stick to your guns - abandoning your path to either avoid one or BECOME one merely allows the jerk the victory.
14)The ice that holds up your 65 lb dog is not guranteed to hold up an adult. The water underneath is pretty darn cold and a killjoy for caching. It is a good reason to get a new pair of socks and shoes.
15) When looking for a cache, beware of your assumptions, they may hinder you finding the cache.
16) If you don't want to leave a hint for your cache page on the cache page, then leave it blank, there is nothing more annoying than manually trying to decipher a paragraph of nothing to get a non-existant hint. Your momma must be so proud.
17) When placing a cache (especially a micro), ask yourself what is so special about this particular street lamp in the walmart parking lot? It's not a requirement but I like caches that show me somewhere or something I would not necessarily see in my regular rounds of errands. A nice walk ( especially in the woods) also scores big points with me.
18) Nobody likes every type of cache the same. It's not a comment on the cache just each person's preference. If you say you like them all, I probably won't listen to you because you haven't thought about it. If we disagree about types, then I can judge if I will do it based on your style of caching. Thankfully geocaching is big enough for several different styles of caching styles.

When us a deal isn't a deal.?

The simple answer is when the quality for the money is not there. It becomes less simple when you start doing the quality versus price comparison. The cheapest looks like the better deal until you realize how long it is not going to last. However, the highest price one is just that, the highest price. The trick is knowing the product, knowing the company, and knowing your needs. Take for instance a Kitchen Aid mixer. If you actually use your kitchen and do some heavy duty wrok like making bread on a regular basis, then you will be ahead getting the higher end mixer. If you just occasionally use your kitchen and wonder what a mixer is, then save your money and get yours froma yard sale.

The thing that bugs me is when companies go overseasto get cheapergoods with the implications that are equal to the domestic product and they wind up inferior and useless. China seams to be taking the front in substandard products. They are by no means the only ones guilty of this practice. I would like to challenge buyers, both individuals and business, to become informed when you buy. More important, hold those sell substandard and shoddy goods accountable. The producstdon't always need to be the top quality but if they don't meet even the lowest standards of economy part or unsafe, then we have a problem.

With chronic problems like China seams to be, let us refuse tosupport their business until they prove the can meet our standards. This does not require legislation. It takes the buyers to vote with their money if that company gets reewarded with business or not.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

In the Living Years

This song is on the same theme as the last one. These two are always twined together in my mind.

Father and Son

There are some songs that when you hear them make you say that this song has truth. I think everyone has felt this one with their parents sometime to one degree or another.

My Faith Wears Blue Jeans

I am a Christian and my faith wears blue jeans. I say that because I try to live my faith everyday. I don't always succeed. I am not a cookie cutter, plastic banana christian. I live as a sinner saint. I do my best to live the christian ideal but I fail. I do not always want to go to church but i go even when I am not motivated. I try standing for the truth and yet be merciful. We all mess up. In Christ, there is forgiveness. Does that mean we can sin without limits? No. The big struggle is to live and proclaim the truth without being a jerk about it. Sometimes you don't have a choice. Peope will not always want to hear what you have to say. It is hard taking a stand.

I laugh, I cay and I try to enjoy the things of this world while still livng consist with my beliefs. It is not eaasy. No one ever said it would.

Death of Shame

My comments on the 15 year old trying to abuse the 7 year old got me to thinking and wanting to explain a few things. I believe in right and wrong. It is not always the same as being on the right or wrong side of the law. Getting drunk is not illegal. Being drunk behind the wheel or being a drunken nuisance is. Sleeping around is not illegal unless you do it for money. There are plenty of things that are legal to do thatare morally wrong and you should be ashamed of. Unfortunately, shame is largely deceased anymore. I am by no means a goodie two shoes. I have had my share of failings and I still like racy jokes once in a while. At the same time, I do not want to hear swearing all the time andbe around drunken rowdiness. I understand that some people want a certain lifestyle but it does nt mean I want to hear about their sex life. I guess what I am getting at is that if yo live an honrable life, you have nothing to be ashamed of. Morals and principals are inconvinient when it would be so easy to bend them just this one time. They do keep you out of trouble. That can be boring.

News Commentary

A bridge in Minnesota collapsed last night. A certain talk show host was once again on the terrorist drum. I am wondering how much more of America's infrastructure is going to give way. First it was the Manhattan steam pipe and now this bridge. I realize maintenaince is expensive but so is the loss of life and property.

The other story I would like to address is on in the local Fort Wayne media. A fifteen year old counsellor in training took a seven year old camper aside and a sexual incident happened. One of the local radio stations mentioned how the reports of juvenile on juvenile molestation is up and how some think that means the rate of it happening is going up. I am really split on this one. On the one hand, I truly believe that kids (not all) have been checking each others bodies out since the beginning of time. Not that it is right, but most of it is the result of children's natural desire to know. The behavior is not right but it is usually not malice in nature. On the other side, considering how sexualized society is getting, I would not be surprised if the molesting is on the rise and not always the more innocent wonderings of each other bodies. Between the content on TV, movies and internet and the sex ware being sold as children's clothes, it would not be a surprise it is on the rise. The children will think they need to get it on as early as possible.

What I am trying to get at is I think it is hard to say how much the rate of reproting this incidents reflects on the real rate of this happening. The other thing is that even though I don't think kids should be getting it on, but it is not always criminally punishable. In the case of the fifteen year old and seven year old, I am glad the fifteen year old was charge. He was enough older to be taking advantage of the seven year old.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Just a note to say I have added the weather and sun/moon data. Nothing major but a step to make this blog more mine and not just the sparse looks I started this silly little blog with. Time will tell what mutations this will go through. This blog is young and I still have not explored the possibilities of dressing this up and making it shine.

They're coming to take me away, haha

This is a great remake of an old favorite. I hope you enjoy.