Animal Crackers

Animal Crackers

Saturday, February 28, 2009

An Education in Waymarking

I have been doing some waymarking lately since the weather is getting just enough warmer where I am really wanting to get out of the house an do a bit more than just running errands. I have also been enjoying learning more about the area. For one thing, I learned that there use to be a bunch of nuns at the Sacred Heart Hospital when it still was a hospital. I also got the history on a nearby grotto and learned a bit about the Catholic prayers to Mother Mary. Not being Catholic, it really seamed strange to me.

I also learned while doing another waymark that the local fire department has a website on freewebs. Who knew? Not me until just recently.

Here is a list of my more favorite waymarks that I have done lately. checnk them out.
Garrett Fire Station
Sacret Heart of Jesus Statue
Statue of St Mary, mother of Jesus

Friday, February 27, 2009

Murphy's Saloon

I like listening to the blues and before I get much of anywhere, I don't mean jazz when I say the blues. I like the blues that kisses up to Rock and Roll and some Country Music. I don't like what could also be called loung lizard music. One source I get for the Blues I like is the Murphy's Saloon Podcast. The link for its feed is here. so pull up a bar stool and enjoy some really good blues.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dr Who Theme

I tried posting a Doctor Who theme a while back and it was taken done so I am posting this one.

Ash Wednesday Post

Ash Wednesday for those who celebrate it is a somber day and a beginning of a fast. I am feeling somber but not to go with the day. Winter is not quit over and life just gets to me sometimes. At least the days are getting longer and the days are slowly warming up. It is discouraging to see a nice warm up only to have to get cold again but that happens every year like clockwork. One thing I do like about Lent is watching how much more light it is after each Wednesday service. It is dark or almost dark for the first few weeks when you go in. As you go along, it gets light when you go in and then it is light when you get out. I always do enjoy that process of watching the changes.

With it getting warmer and the snow going away, I am hoping to do more GPS games especially benchmark hunting. I was able to find 2 benchmarks over the winter but I pretty much laid off from that and with it getting more favorable to go looking again. I guess I could have looked for them over winter if I wanted the challenge of finding them under the snow but that did not sound like fun to me.

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Plaentary Society

The Planetary Society is an organization that works to promote space travel and space science. They also have a podcast to help this cause. I find it interesting the Bill Nye the Science guy is now the Planetary Guy and helps out with this podcast. The feed is here. Check it out.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Waymarking Categories

I have been keeping up on waymarking. It has been interesting see how I have been using shopping trips to pick things up along the way. With the way the economy is and the how the price of gas was, I am not really all that willing to do special trips just to go do gps games.

With doing waymarks while shopping, I have been looking at the categories aimed more at shops and restaurants. As is usual, there are categories that I am more impressed with than others. I can see why people would want to do Radio Shack store but I am really happy with the fact they started a ye olde butcher shop category. It is not always easy to find the best butcher shop around and this category could just help out a lot.

I have been also enjoying the dated building category. This one lends itself to cross referencing with other categories which can be a plus and a negative but it gets interesting when you there gets to be enough of these waymarks in the area and you can start comparing the ages of the buildings in the area.

The way I am playing with my gps now is so different from the way I did geocaching when I first got in. I got a feeling that I will always be changing the way I play or I am getting out. Please don't take this as me being a malcontent but I am at the point where I have been around the block enough where I start wanting to work at keeping the game fresh.

Friday, February 13, 2009

World Wide Words

Do you love the English language? Do you like learning new words and slang? Then try out the website called World Wide Words. Not only does it have good infromation on the website but you can also get the free email newsletter. Check it out, you just might find a new word that you like.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Global Warming Reporting

I think it is rather amusing that we finally get some above average temperatures and the NBS Evening news with Kati Coric (I hope I spelled her name right) decides to do a piece on global warming after keeping silent during the the record cold we had in January. This was just by chance, Right?

Spring is here (Almost)

I needed to post some bills and take the dog out for a walk. Man, does the weather feel great today. It is in the low 50's and sunny and it really feels great after the bitter snow and cold this year. I know old man winter is not done with us yet for this time around but for now, I am am glad is showing signs of giving up for now.I think I will turn off the heat and open the windows. It sure feels great and the fresh air smells good. Hopefully the nice will last and Kim, the dog and I can get at least some time outside this weekend.

Bread And Circuses

It seams like all the government has been dealing with lately is bread and circuses. They delayed the digital tv transition so people did not have to lose thier circuses and they are still working on the economic stimulus bill to provide the bread. Keep people fat and happy and they will be good little sheeple. I am not enjoying these worrisome economic times but I am wondering if it just might be what the nation needs to get people awake and actually care wha tthey are doing in Washington, the state capitols and their local governjments. There will be some tough times with some tough decisions to be made. We better start doing them and doing them right instead of necessarily quickly like Mr Obama is saying. This crisis took a while in the making and will take a while to get out of and haste and waste will only harm the recovery.

Monday, February 9, 2009


I learned a few things over the weekend. One of them is not start a job if I am tired and I know there is a good chance of something going wrong. We needed to change the taps on the bathroom sink which is a pretty simply job if everything goes right. However, the cabinet for the taps is a tight fit and the old flexi lead pipes just did not want to attach to the new taps. So after some cursing and fussing and just walking away from the job for a day or two, I finally replaced the flexi lead pipe. It only took 5 minutes once I got it home. Rule number two that I got reminded of was that I should never count on going to the hardware store only once for a job. Something will always come up to make you go back. At least it got done and it5 was the typical simple job that never quit goes as easy as planned.

Friday, February 6, 2009

The Classic Tales Podcast

This is a podcast which is correctly named for what it is about: classic tales that are read aloud. They are well read tales that were well written to begin with. You can check it out here.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The 50th Anniversary of the day the Music Died

Today is the Fiftieth Anniversary of the day that Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and J. P. "The Big Bopper" Richardson died. The wikipedia article is here. The song American Pie by Don McLean was written to memorialize the event. The interpetation of it can be found here.

Below are videos of the three artists that died and American Pie by Don McLean.

Musings on Groundhogs Day

The furry little rodent from Pennsylvania saw his shadow which means six more weeks of winter. Not a surprise with the way this winter has gone. The nice thing is is that despite what the groundhog siad, we are starting to see some days near and above freezing. There are predictions of more of that for this week. I will take that. It is sad when just getting above freezing gets me happy but hopefully spring will do the driveway and sidewalk what I have been fighting to do all winter. Like Mr. Twain so wisely said, "Everyone complains about weather, but nobody ever does anything about it."

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Stimulus Package

Wild Strawberry pointed out an article from the Wall Street Journal on Obama's stimulus package. (See link here.) Thanks for the blog post and pointing out the article Wild Strawberry. (see her post here.)