Animal Crackers

Animal Crackers

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Corunna Fire Department

A part of rural, small town life is the local volunteer fire department. A part of that is fund raisers. As someone who tends to be very libertarian and wants the smallest possible government, this makes me very happy. These first responders and their families sacrifice a lot to make this happen. For their service and dedication, I heartily say thanks. This weeks weekly webness is for the Corunna Fire Department who both serves this area when the need arises and also has a great fish fry as a fund raiser. Their website is HERE.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pickin' Up Speed

I was at the bluegrass festival in Kendalville back in September and saw the group Pickin' Up Speed. They have a website HERE. I rather licked them and finally got around to putting their website here.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Things are getting better , right?

Today I went to the hospital to have some lab work done. It it was the first time they have asked me for the copay upfront for lab work. I understand they want to be paid. They did the service and deserve to be paid. The hospital changing their policy adn wanting the copay if possible is what got me. I understand credit and cash flow really suck and people who are unable to pay are going up. In my mind at least, it is Mr Obama'a failure both with health care and the economy. I am not seeing any change for the better and hope has left town without leaving a forwarding address. Even with the results of the last election, I am not holding out for much hope.

I really hope the horse's asses in Washington finally get their act together and start dealing with things or at least get the hell out of the way of the American people so they can fix this mess.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Smith Field Airport

This week's webness is for a local airport called Smith Field. Their website is HERE. I found out their website while I was doing a WAYMARK about it. I also found a wikipedia article about it. It is HERE. It was neat finding out more about somehere i go past on a regular basis and did not know all that much about.

Friday, November 5, 2010

online Frugalness

In an attempt to live on less, I have know for a while that if you have patience, you can get some good deals on ebay. I am starting to see that freecycle (WEBSITE
and Craig's List (HERE) can be a good source of things on the cheap. There is a caveat however. You must be patient and you must be willing to cut through the static and noise to get to want you want.

I just wish there is a way to get across to Washington. As long as they spend like mad, do everything they can to tax business and the average Joe to death, and generally get in the way of people doing their business, we will be doing anything to make our budget's stretch. (and hopefully in ways that can not tax in anyway).

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Turn of the Century

I was out shopping when I finally stopped to look closer and waymark this statue in Auburn, Indiana. It is called A Turn of the Century and is based on a painting by Renoir. Who knew? I sure did not until I stopped and looked. One of the two waymarks I did on it is HERE.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

To The Winners

Dear Politician Who won (or will win) their electoral race today,

Congratulations on winning the position of horse's posterior in my book. It is now your job to convince me otherwise. I really do not trust anyone who runs for office on any level and the higher up you go, the more I distrust you. Do yourself and the people you serve a favor. Prove me wrong without any doubt. When seeking office, Mr. Obama talked about change and hope. All I have seen of his term is that the only thing that has changed is that there is less hope.

I am not asking for a hand out or a bail out. All I want is a chance to make life better for me, mine and those around me and the government to get the hell out of the way. I want to pursuit happiness with out the shackles of taxes getting in the way. i know a lot of peole who are struggling to get their financial houses in order. It is far past time that the government do the same. We can not afford business as usual.

I will be watching and I will be ready to help fire your butt if you remain to be the horse's posterior that I think you are. You have been warned.