Animal Crackers

Animal Crackers

Monday, May 30, 2011

Mad Anthony Wayne

This is a statue and historical sign in downtown Fort Wayne. the sign reads as follows:
Major general Anthony Wayne

In the early 1790's, the United States suffered two serious defeats at the hands of the Indians under the leadership of Little Turtle, war chief of the Miami nation. In response, President George Washington sent Revolutionary War hero Gen. “Mad” Anthony Wayne into the western frontier. He had earned the nickname “Mad” for his reckless daring in a spectacular attack on the British at Stoney Point, New York, during the Revolution.

A stern disciplinarian, Wayne rigorously trained his troops before he took his “Legion of the United States” into Miami territory in 1794. His forces defeated the Indian confederacy at the battle of Fort Recovery (July 2,1794) and then again at the battle of Fallen Timbers, near Toledo (August 20,1794).

Wayne moved his “Legion” up the Maumee River to the large Native American settlement of Kekionga at the confluence of Three Rivers. He choose a site across the Maumee River from Kekionga to build the first American fort and then handed command over to Col. John Hamtramck. On October 22,1794, the fourth anniversary of the defeat of the United States at Kekionga, Hamtramck called a parade together of the garrison, fired 15 rounds of the cannon, (in honor of each of the fifteen states of the union) and formally announce that henceforth to be called Fort Wayne.

Anthony Wayne left four days later never to return. After inspecting the other U.S. Garrisons and successfully negotiating the treaty of Greenville in 1795 with the Indians of the regions, Wayne returned to Pennsylvania where he died in 1796. "

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Monday, May 16, 2011

A Year after taking Finiancial Peace University

It has been a bit over a year since my wife and I finished taking the Dave Ramsey Financial peace University Course. There are several upsides and a couple of downsides. The two big downsides is that it has not been easy and we are not done with debt yet. Mathematically we knew both to be true but there is a difference between seeing the numbers and then living it out. The big upsides are that we are still doing what Dave teaches (more or less because who is perfect) and we are doing that because we have rid ourselves of debt in the thousands of dollars. We are not done with that but we are well on the way. Other upsides is that we are not only able to get some nice things for ourselves but for better prices than we use to but we are paying cash for it instead of charging it. There is some frustration in this since we have to put things on hold either until we have the money or we or we can find things at the price we want to spend even if we have the money. the one upside of a down economy is that there are deals to be had if you are willing to be patient. I think there has always been deals if you are patient but some are more low hanging now. We are getting better at finding deals and taking advantage of when there are good prices on things. Learning to do more do it yourself projects are also helping. Never ever stop learning and trying.