Animal Crackers

Animal Crackers

Friday, July 29, 2011

Dear Washington

Dear Washington politicians dealing with the national debt,
I do not care which side of the aisle you are but STOP TH E POLITICAL THEATER! The average household has to balance their books are a regular basis. It is about time you did too. I've got an easy solution for you. Just cut 10-20% every year out of the budget until the budget balances. Don't like the reduction of revenue- tough crap! All the people who are unemployed or had to take a pay cut in the last few years do give a crap how hard that is for you. At least for my household, we have to learn to do more on less to get our finiancial house on a better footing. The least you morons in Washington could do is the same. And for the love of god, do not think of raising taxes. The people and businesses have been taxed enough. We are not a never ending source of money. The more you tax us, the more we will look for ways to do things in a non taxable way. I will delay making purchases. I will do things that I use to pay others to do. I will trade and barter for as much as I can. That will ripple through the economy as people and businesses who use to get my money no longer do or at least not at much. Others will be cutting back regardless of what I do.

Get the federal government affordable then get about to getting the hell out of people's lives. I do not want the government to coddle me from cradle to grave. I do want the government to make it possible for the nation's biggest asset, the people of this nation, to let her people succeed on their own. If left to their own and not having things in their way, the people of this nation will prosper and take everyone else with them.

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